The Brazilian market for electrical installations is very large and has many competitors. In Brazil are the world’s largest companies in the sector, Brazilian manufacturers, but here are also companies that offer products without any quality.

There are two alternative strategies that can bring results for those who wish providing electrical materials in Brazil

1 – Work with cheap products and very low cost,

2 – Provide innovative high quality products.

If you choose the second strategy, it is necessary a good disclosure, and work very close with engineers, technicians and electricians. It is necessary that the full potential of this product to be explored, and it becomes a reference for the technical community.

Many products have failed commercially because people simply don’t know how to exploit their full potential. A company that launches electric products in Brazil, needs the support of professionals who know the market, practices and technical standards. Without this support, the company can fail for various reasons.

Many companies try to reproduce here, practices that have been successful in their country of origin, not realizing that small cultural differences can produce large changes in perception the market has of a product.

To avoid these problems, a supplier of material for electrical installations that want to settle in Brazil can consult us. The Lambda provides a diagnosis of the successes and mistakes that others have committed in the process of implementation in Brazil.


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